Change Distributor Drive Gear

Photo souse from Chinese forums.

I found some photos on website in Chinese. That can help you remove the distributor gear.


This isn’t the same engine with yours, but remove job and assemble job should be same.

1. remove the front engine cover, isn’t a big job.

2. remove 3 screws on the generator.

3. remove it just use your hand.

4. use HEX screw driver to remove the middle bolt. If the crankshaft was turning with it, use something stop it isn’t a big case.

5. now this guy insert something into the hole (the pin of the clutch parts). Then, put the generator bolt back. Turn it, then, the rotor will get down.

Pull the lever out.

6. now, remove all the screws on the front engine house.

Remove the distributor, this is the last one.

7. Use something knock it off, strong knock. Use some wooden or something like that.

8. now, watch carefully! Remove this ring. Use your hand.

9. use some tool to remove this gear. But this guy didn’t show you something under the gear. You should find a half round key under it! Be careful!


If you want to remove the back big gears, remove the start motor. Knock from back.


Ok, now, we need put the new one back. Remember the half key? Put some oil on it. And put it back. Round side down.

A groove on the gear also.

Knock it back.

Don’t forget anything!

Turn the start motor. Make sure all the gears working!!!

Put everything back. This screw must be the first.

We jump some photos because of you can put everything back. Just remember don’t forget tight the generator rotor bolt.

See, the 6. Again.

Put the distb inside.

Turn it, and you will find the ignition point open.

Tight this screw now!

You can also find a big bulb. Series connection to the distb.

Turn the screw, until the bulb just OFF!

Now link the ignition coil back. + to +. – to ground or iron or frame or something you like.

Last, use big heavy wire link the start motor.