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LED reflector for headlight 12V     R75 front sidecar light chromed     bar end signal lights    
    Electronic Ignition System     MG MOUNT     R71 rear sidecar fender light
R71 rear fender light     R71 air filter     BMW STYLE CJ750 M1S CYLINDER COVER    
      R75 style rear light      R75 sidecar fender front light     MG42 Adapter
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Mar.10-2017 URAL SIDECAR WINDSHIELD BACK AGAIN. But sorry, just have black mount now.
Jul.28-2016 Find R75 / KS750 tire pattern. In 4.50-16 size.
Jul.26-2016 Find another 5 pcs of the rear driving shells. That's what all I can do in this year. Last 5 pcs. If you need a new rear driving system assembly. Please in a hurry.
And the original M1 model shaft also in less quantity!

The URAL sidecar windshield remaking project was starting again now! Hope I can finish them soon before this winter! Step 1: finally find another factory to make the wind shield. Step 2: After finished the glasses, I'll send the mounts to the chromed factory. Step 3: will ask the cover factory to make the sidecar cover + shield cover again. Step 4: I need go to order some special size boxes. Hope the factory won't charge me a lot, Otherwise, I must give up. :(

Apr.11-2016 Find a nice LED reflector for headlight! More lighter than the original one! Now you can see everything in the night!
Nov.20-2015 R71 air filter
Aug.12-2015 I made some inner tube pad / rim mat by myself. So, please excuse me that they come with saw tooth. The edge isn't very nice. But you put them under the inner tube, nobody can see it. So, no big problems! And now, your tubes won't be pierce again by the spokes! 2pcs per order, USD 6. By the way, will give you a free one if order with rim or wheel assembly.
Apr.15-2015 Just find an interesting thing. Old school White Wall tire insert.
Also, tested, a small turning signal can use for our bike. Pretty nice.
And find adjustable review mirror.

Like I said, always try to find what you need! Are you READY? After our Spring festival. OHV carbs auction will come again! USD 80 each pair, shipping cost USD 30. Total 9 pairs.  Prepare your money!
>>>This year's project: R71 model fuel tank rubber pads. R71 model seat cover with tags. BMW emblems upgraded Version. URAL windshield (will back again). Maybe will make the fuel tank or fenders. I will choose some of them to make. Based on how much money I can use. If I found more projects, will add to here later.<<<
Bad news: the R71 rear fender lights and sidecar rear fender lights getting less. A wholesaler just buy a lot from me. Less quantity now. If still need, please in a hurry. They're not this year's project. If they gone, they just gone. Wait until next year.

What's NEW:
R75 rear fender light chromed
Electronic Ignition System
R71 rear sidecar fender light
MG42 Adapter
Rear rack mount (dual head)

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