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Important tips for new CJ owners:

  • Always check your oil especially before long rides. Use good motor oil. Always carry some extra oil in the bike.

  • Back brakes are used more to stop the bike. Keep a safe distance especially when roads are wet.

  • CJs sway when braking with a passenger in the sidecar and also stopping distance is increased.

  • Alloy wheels have better stopping ability than spoke wheels. Spokes tend to snap, check often and replace broken spokes.

  • Go slow on right turns as the sidecar can lift and bike can flip over!

  • CJ engines are air cooled so in the summer it tends to get hot and needs to be cooled. Stop every so often and let your engine rest.

  • Headlights use more battery than the bike can recharge. Long rides will help recharge the battery.

  • Turn off gas valve when not riding.

  • Air pressure should be between 3.0 to 3.2.

If bike does not start:

  • Make sure gas valve is open.

  • Check the red light on left side of key slot. If light is on, power is good.

  • Check the distributor to see if engine is turning.

  • Check your spark plug cables.

  • Manually pump some gas into the bike by pushing on the button on top of the carburetors before starting kick bike.

  • If engine starts and light does not go off when throttle is turned, charging is not good. Have it fixed before battery goes dead.

  • If left red light next to key slot is not on, most likely battery is dead or connection is loose. Check battery cable, power switch (black box under seat), ground cable, battery connectors.

If you hear abnormal engine noise when riding:

  • Engine might be overheating, rest till it cools a bit. Never throw water on the engine.

  • Valves might be leaking.

  • Timing might be off.

  • Piston ring may be bad.

If you hear engine hissing:

  • Gasket seal might be leaking.

  • Exhaust might be leaking.

If your gears slip:

  • A very common CJ problem. In most cases it's a pin problem that can be adjusted by a professional. Have it adjusted before its taken apart.

Winter riding:

  • Use a lighter oil, and pump the kick-start in neutral to get some oil into engine before starting. Best to kick start your bike.

  • Carburetors can get frozen (water in gas).

  • Transmissions also get frozen.

Wet weather riding:

  • Bikes slide on turns and on braking... ride slowly!!!

  • Old cloth spark plug cables will short out.

  • Keep the wire and spark plugs dry.

  • Water may get into transmission from speedometer cable and foam up causing it to leak out, check your transmission fluid.

  • Make sure water does not get into your key slot or it will short out switch.

  • Throttle, light switch may tighten up afterwards, loosen with some oil. Same as shock may also become squeaky.


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