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1. Packing:

This is the photo of 'after packing'. We use professional packing service company. Use standard International packing, no solid wood.

2. Loading at terminal:

The left photo is bike enter container. And the right one is parts.
After fine packed, we sent parcels and crate to terminal. The terminal will enter the goods into container. Then, these container will loaded on container vessel and shipped on board.

3. Documents:

This photo is all the documents, include packing list, invoice, Bill of Lading and origin certificate. After you sent the balance to us, we'll sent these documents to you via expresses. You can use them to do Custom Clearance at your side. And register your bike, also.

Shipping Prices:

The following prices are for reference only. 
To USA and Canada about $1,000 ~ $1,500.
To Western E.U.. About $1,000.
To Asia and Australia. About $800 ~ $1,000.

Above price is from Shanghai to every port. Detail please check with us by email.


  1. Shipped to worldwide

  2. Shipping is port to port.

  3. Cost include all the fees cause in China like Custom Clearance, packing, booking and etc...

  4. Export port charges is not include some charges at destination.

  5. Some countries port have handling, clear customs and inspection charges, etc.  

  6. Please arrange all customs clearance via a broker before transportation in your side.  

  7. You also can use your freight forward to transport your sidecar, let them contact us! 

  8. When you pick up your Changjiang 750 and plan on riding it home, bring a pump, some gas, and jump cables. If you are using a trailer, the crate width is about 2 meters wide, length is 2.2 meters.

  9. Prices below are quoted per cubic meter. A solo is about 3 cubic meter, a motorcycle with sidecar is about 5 cubic meter.

  10. One bike with sidecar about 5.5 ~6.5 Cube Meter.


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