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 R71 rear fender light 6V

6V bulb.

You can find BOSCH mark on the cover of the light. very nice product. Iron made, not cheap plastic. 

NOTICE: I received some reports about this light. So, I have some suggestions for my customers. Try to find some rubber gaskets for this light, make it won't touch the light mount directly. (or find some rubber pipes to round it or something like that).

Because of the original ones I got didn't come with any gaskets, I didn't, and I cannot make the gaskets. But seems sometimes it need something like that between with the iron mount. So, that's my suggestions.


(A)Accept Ebay, we will make ebay list for you if you need this parts.

(B)Buy two or more parts dont forget send me a message! Ill combine the shipping cost for you! Most items can save a lot of money in this way! 

(C)We can shipped to North-America, West-Europe, AU, Asia & Japan. 

(D)    To Italy, Holland, East-Europe, Africa & Latin-America, please contact with me check the shipping time and cost.

(E)I suggest give me your telephone number. Some country (Italy, Portugal & etc.) customs need check all import cargos. If we dont show the consignee detail. May have some trouble.

(F)About 5-7 working day. The items will be arrived your side. So please dont forget pick them up. We also provide not mail service, ocean shipping & air shipping service, for some big parcel (like over 50KGS or over 1CBM). Very cheap, but very slow.

(G)The part if didn't listed, please visit our <parts book> link. Give us the page & item number. We'll find it.

(H)Were a CJ-750 rebuilt store. We can provide a bike  matched your own personality if you can let us know your idea. Though we are Chinese, our sidecars have been successfully shipped to North America, E.U.. You can click the HOW TO ORDER for reference. Both sidecar and accessories accept EBAY order. And also accept PAYPAL payment. Just make you feel safety.

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