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The origin of the changjiang model is the M72. And the M72 based on bike R71- the original model of R75, which was used in the battle field during WWII.(BMW manufactured about 18,000). 

BMW R75 detail:


Engine: Water cooled four-stoke petrol tow cylinder OHV
Displacement: 745ccm
Out put: 19 KW / 26 HP /
Fuel tank: 24 liters.
Carburetter: 2 x Graetzin Sa 24
Fuel consumption: 6,7 -9 liters per 100 kilometers
Radius: 270 - 360 kilometers
Lowest constant speed: 3 kilometers per Hour
Highest speed: 92 kilometers per Hours
short climbing possibillity: 40 degrees
Long climbing possibillty: 35 degrees
Length: 2400 mm
Width: 1730 mm
Height: 1000 mm
Weight: 400 kgs
Payload: 820 kgs

More R75 detail please visit BMW R75 link later.

In WW II, Russia start manufactured M72 which copy R71 from German. But no documents show they got BMW authorization whether or not.

The Russian found Blitz's powerful. And motorization is very very important. 

When the WWII over. China and Russia built good relationship. And base on construct a Int'l soviet. Russia share their technique to all the allies. China get the M72 from Russian. Then, Chinese started to built M72 their selves , which named Changjiang 750 . Then during many years improvement, changjiang 750 became classical model called changjiang 750. First bike manufactured in Nov. 1957. Used in Korean War, based on CJ original factory history book. But seems not for battle, just for transport.

Now China even world motor industry develop fast, but the China clone of BMW R75 was kept till now. The technic of refitment was improved by refit factory like ours. And develop to many kinds of personality changjiang 750.

Since BMW R75 has out of line, Changjiang 750 became the classic and collections by many motor collectors.

Nowadays , changjiang bikes have gone out of china and become a collections by world wide collectors , it will take you to a high summit , riding it will bring you tremendous enjoyment.

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